About Us


The Name of Sleep Perfection

Welcome to Evyat! At Evyat, we have been a team passionate about sleep for over 8 years. We set out to provide our customers with a healthy, comfortable and aesthetic sleep experience and during this time, we have made the Evyat brand a name synonymous with quality and trust.

Who Are We?

Evyat is a brand specializing in the production of mattresses, bed bases and headboards. Our business is based on quality, aesthetic design, customer satisfaction and wholesale services. With the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years, we are getting better and more innovative every day.

Why Us

Our Vision

To be a leader in the world of sleep and to offer our customers not only quality products,
but also to offer an unforgettable shopping experience.

Our Mission

Combining aesthetics and comfort, laying the foundation for a healthy life,
To leave the Evyat mark in every home by producing products focused on customer satisfaction.

Quality and Durability

Evyat products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards. Durability is always our priority in our material selection and production processes.

Aesthetic Design

We prioritize aesthetic details in the design of our products. With Evyat, your sleeping place will not only be comfortable, but also stylish and eye-catching.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our most valuable asset. We aim to build a long-term relationship with you by providing fast and effective solutions to your questions.


Our Services

"As Evyat, we prioritize quality, aesthetics and comfort in mattress, base and headboard manufacturing. While adding value to your home with our products, we aim to offer a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. With our quality material selection and special designs, Evyat is the address of perfection in sleep."

Our specially designed bedding and furniture solutions for hotels allow you to offer your guests a comfortable stay. Perfect your hotel rooms with our aesthetic designs and durable materials.

  • Special Design Beds: Special design bed options suitable for all kinds of hotel concepts.
  • Durable Furniture Solutions: Hotel furniture that offers a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Comfort and durability should be at the forefront in dormitories. As Evyat, we offer specially designed bed and furniture solutions for dormitories.

  • Practical Bed Options: High quality and practical bedding solutions.
  • Modular Furniture Designs: Modular furniture designs suitable for dormitory areas.

Evyat’s specially designed headboards and furniture options bring elegance and functionality to your housing projects.

  • Designs Compatible with the Project Area: Aesthetic and functional designs suitable for all types of housing projects.
  • Various Color and Size Options: Color and size options specific to your projects.

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